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The Disappointments

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The Disappointments are: Vocals and Bass : Derek (Clearwater) Guitar : Jimmy (Palm Harbor) Drums : Maybe someday we will have a drummer again The Disappointments are a punk band from the Clearwater, Florida area.

(there is no info cause we dont have a drummer)
The Disappoint-chat
(No one is ever in the chat cause we suck)
The Disappoint-shows
(we havent played a show since last summer when David, Miles and Jason were in the band)
The Disappoint-Sounds
(there are none cause the only one i had on here was when dereks voice was higher than a three year old)
The Disappoint-Pics
(these pics are really old, from last summer)

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If you have any questions or comments about the page or anything else, you can e-mail Jimmy at:

you can e-mail Derek at:

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The Disappointments web page has been hit times.

Sign the Guestbook!!! If you want to receive periodically e-mails about the band, join the mailing list. If you have been to a disappointments show, vote on the show below. If you have any questions or comments on the band, E-mail Jimmy, or Derek at the e-mail addresses.

Disappointment Poll
If you have heard The Disappointments (either the sound clips or been to a show), How was it?

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